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Medicinal herbs and their value added products are safe, eco-friendly and do not have any harmful effects on human life.  Due to these factors, the demand for medicinal herbs and its value-added products is increasing worldwide. 

Medicinal herbs are used to manufacture value added products, which has wide application in various industries such as:

  • Crude drugs and herbal medicines
  • Veterinary healthcare products 
  • Phytochemicals and their derivatives 
  • Organic fertilizers, growth promoters and natural pesticides
  • Food colours and vegetable dyes
  • Nutraceuticals, food additives and supplements
  • Spices, oleoresins and taste enhancers
  • Cosmetics, toiletries and aromatherapy
  • Perfumery and Aroma chemicals

There is vast potential and global demand for herbal products. There is also a great enthusiasm amongst progressive farmers and industrialists to enter into herbal business. However, there are some constraints with direct use of medicinal herbs such as variation in active ingredient content. Also, being new to the subject and being an emerging market, not much awareness and expertise is available to new entrepreneurs.

Looking at the requirement of techno-commercial guidance and expertise, Samarth Herbotech (India) Private Limited  was established to provide services to new entrants in herbal industry. As part of the turnkey project consultancy line of business, the company provides services from concept to commissioning for processing units to manufacture value added products, including marketing of medicinal herbs and their value added products.  

There are several experts in the sector that vouch for our excellence in the global marketplace. We have earned their trust by constantly formulating the finest products and services. Over the years, as a proud manufacturer and exporter, we have succeeded owing to our quality which remains unrivalled to this date. 

If you are thinking of entering into herbal business - either in cultivation of medicinal herbs, setting up of herbal processing unit or sourcing of medicinal herbs or their value added products.



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