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The No.1 Supplier of Herbal Extracts & Neem Based Insecticides Across The Globe...

About Us

Fertilizers and pesticides are a crucial part of agriculture sector which provides essential nutrients to crops and protects them from pests & diseases. However, during the last 50 years, the usage of chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides has increased which has led to several major problems. Some of these issues are contamination of soil, food, ground water, lakes, oceans, rivers, air, etc. with harmful residues, adverse effects on non-target insects & other living organisms as well as increased number of resistant pest species causing pest resurgence. Further, the mishandling of toxic synthetic products may lead to lethal and non-lethal accidents. 

Due to the logical consequences of undesirable side effects of these toxic products, awareness is spreading in industries as well as in several developed countries regarding the toxicological & other issues involved due to the usage of chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides. At a global level, we are witnessing a shift from chemical to natural in almost every field such as agriculture, food, pharma, healthcare and perfumery sectors.


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At Clients' Service

At Clients' Service Since 2008

For past 12 years, our company has stood tall in the market. We are respected and appreciated for our focus
Why To Choose Us?

Why To Choose Us?

We make sure that all of our offered 25 gm PIONIL Creams, 3000 PPM Suneem Drop Azadirachtin, etc.
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Going back to nature for sustainable growth

Agro Input Division

Supply of Neem based organic soil conditioners and Natural Pesticide formulations


Supply of standardized herbal extracts, phytochemicals and herbal healthcare products

Turn Key Project Consultancy

For herbal processing units based on plant proven technologies from concept to commissioning
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Each delivery is facilitated with high speed in order to provide maximum gratification to clients
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