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Standardized Extracts and Phytochemicals-

Now a days, Medicinal herbs also act as starting material to many industries such as-

1. Crude drugs and herbal medicine
2. Natural pesticides
3. Vegetable dyes & food colors
4. Food additives & supplements
5. Spices & oleoresins
6. Cosmetics, toiletries & aromatherapy
7. Perfumery & aroma chemicals
8. Gums

However, direct use of medicinal herbs creates following difficulties for these industries.

1) The percent of active ingredient is very less in medicinal herbs ranging from 1 to 10 % or even less. Therefore huge quantity of herbs is required to get desired results.
2) The natural variation in active ingredients in medicinal herbs due to varietal difference, collection time, post-harvest conditions, method of storage etc. 
3) Bulk requirement of medicinal herbs puts burden of storage cost, transportation cost and handling cost. This makes its use uneconomical.

Therefore now medicinal herbs are processed to extract active ingredients and these standardized extracts are replacing the medicinal herbs. In many cases the extracts are further processed to isolate active ingredients. In some cases they are further processed to make bulk drugs and drug intermediates. Such plant-derived chemicals are called Phytochemicals and the industries manufacturing such products are herbal or photochemical industries.

SAMARTH HERBOTECH supplies following standardized extracts and phytochemicals having direct applications in above industries, in bulk quantity on regular basis.

Herbal Etract Product List

Herbal Healthcare Product List

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