About Our Company

There are several initiatives and movements taking place to promote environmentally sound sustainable agriculture with minimum or no usage of chemical fertilizers and other synthetic pesticides. This helps preserve & protects the environment as well as human health. 

Samarth Herbotech (India) Private Limited has been delivering high quality herbal products and its value added services since 2008 and operates on the principle of GO BACK TO NATURE. It is headed by a highly qualified technocrat with more than 40 years of experience in the field of Natural Products. He is supported by a team of experts specialized in their respective fields. We have an associate company in Japan under the same name for marketing our products in Japan and an associate company in India for manufacturing healthcare products and related services. We also export our products globally to countries like Japan, Australia and the Middle East and we are currently expanding our marketing activity in the USA and Europe. 

The company has various lines of businesses which offer everything in herbal business under one roof: 
  • Agro Input Division: We provide herbal agro inputs such as Neem based fertilizers/soil conditioners and natural pesticides.
  • Medicinal Products Division: We supply standardized herbal extracts and phytochemicals as well as herbal healthcare products for various ailments.
  • Turn Key Project Consultancy: We have plant proven technology to manufacture a number of value added products from Medicinal and Aromatic plants.

We provide turnkey project consultancy from concept to commissioning for setting up processing units to manufacture value added products from medicinal herbs including marketing guidance for medicinal herbs and their value added products

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